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Zak Smith

I always use Atlam Silver when I want something unique and custom made. They create such lovely pieces that are all personal and great gifts for my loved ones. The services are speedy and efficient and the prices are great too!

Lydia Abbott

I really wanted a gift for my mother for her 50th birthday. I wanted it to be something special and a bit different as 50 is of course a very special birthday celebration! Atlam Silver made me a beautiful necklace that my mother loved!

Lea Pearson

Atlam Silver are a really great company that made me my stunning bridesmaids gifts. I wanted them to have matching bracelets that were all individual to them. They loved the gifts and I love seeing their faces as they opened them!

French Gifts by Saveur du Jour

Gifts are always special no matter what the occasion. Gifts particularly hold a special place in the hearts of women who often love to be pampered by their loved ones. Whether it is your partner, mother, daughter or sister; you are sure to have at least one woman in your life who demands your love, care and attention. The best way to shower your love on her is to pamper her with gifts.

When it is about gifts, nothing can compare to the beauty and elegance of the French gifts. France is popular across the world for being ahead in fashion and haute couture. This is perhaps the reason why French products are always a hit among women.

Why women love French gifts

Women love jewelry and the French silver jewelry is definitely a priced possession. If you think, it is very difficult for you to get authentic French silver jewelry without going all the way to France, you are quite mistaken. The French jewelry has intricate patterns in varied colors making them quite remarkable. The symbols and patterns relate to the history of France which makes these jewelry pieces look very authentic and traditional. Such beautiful artistic jewelry pieces can be great gifts for those who love history as these jewelry pieces can become a piece of memorabilia too. The French gifts available online at Saveur du Jour are absolutely authentic and you can conveniently order them online from the comfort of your home.

Getting French gifts on Saveur du Jour

Saveur du Jour is a very popular online store for French jewelry and other French gifts for women. No matter where you are, you can very easily order French gifts from this website and your order will be shipped in the best manner possible. Whether you are looking for the delectable French gourmet food or the elegant French scarves, you will find everything on Saveur du Jour.

Online shopping is a very convenient way of getting all that you want with minimal hassles. Shopping for French gifts online at Saveur du Jour is easy, quick and very affordable too. You may find some great offers as well on this site that will further enhance your online shopping experience.

Looking For the Perfect Engagement Ring?

Apart from buying a car and a house, the other biggest purchase of your life will be an engagement ring. We understand you dear gentlemen that it can be quite a struggle, and pretty scary. You want to make it just right for her, and the jewelry stores can feel like a giant maze in which you keep getting lost. What should you get to tell her you think of her? Here are some steps that will guide you to making the perfect choice.

Step One: It Is All About Her

Since most engagements are a surprise, it is important that you get everything right; or at least most of it. In order to pull off the perfect engagement, pay attention. Know what she likes. When you go to a jewelry store, what does she stare at? What does she keep mentioning? Look at her favorite jewelry, how are they; golden or silver with diamond or colored precious stones? Just look around, you will get plenty of hints as to what would make her happy. Read More...

Looking For the Perfect Wedding Band

Choosing an engagement ring is a decision that most people mull over for weeks, maybe months. However, its lifetime partner, the wedding band, doesn’t seem to get that much attention. In most cases, it comes as an afterthought. That need not be the case; you can prepare yourself way in advance to get a gorgeous wedding band.

How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Band

Once you hit the jewelry store, you’ll notice that the choices are too many it can be overwhelming. You therefore need a strategy to narrow down your preferred choices of the perfect wedding band. To help you in your quest for the perfect wedding band, here are a few pointers.

This Thing Called Budget


The Hatton Garden Ultimate Guide to Picking Wedding Bands

 Weddings are special occassions!

Weddings are a special occasion and need to be celebrated in the grandest manner possible. Since it’s an once-in-a-lifetime event, every effort should be made to make it as memorable as possible. This is the reason why most couples start planning for their weddings well in advance so that they can organize everything according to their wishes. Selection of the venue, photographer, menu and the bride’s dress is done after careful deliberation. The same level of importance should also be given to the wedding bands as well. They should be picked very carefully, keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of the couple. 

 Things to Consider When Picking Wedding Bands  

The selection of wedding bands isn’t a simple task. There are a number of factors to be considered when deciding which weddings bands need to be picked for the grand occasion. The following are some of the things that you will have to keep in mind when choosing your wedding bands. 



Hatton Gardens | Your One Stop Jewellery Retail Shop

What Makes Hatton Gardens Special

Shopping for jewellery items can prove to be a very tiring experience for people. Everyone wants to find the best pieces of jewellery for themselves and their loved ones but it isn’t that easy to find them.

Whether you are looking to buy jewellery as a gift item or for weddings or engagements, finding what you want would require you to make endless trips to the jewellery stores. You can avoid all these hassles involved in jewellery shopping by visiting Hatton Garden online jewellery store. It is the perfect place for you to find high quality jewellery items for all occasions at very reasonable price.

The thing that makes Hatton Gardens the best place to buy jewellery is the convenience that it offers you. It has a wide collection of rings, vintage pieces and engagement/wedding bands available all in a single place. So, you will not have to go from shop to shop to look for the perfect piece of jewellery as you will easily locate it at Hatton Gardens. Read More...

The Hatton Garden Guide for Dealing with Pawn Brokers

Hatton Garden is in the diamond area of London. Here, you can get your jewellery exchanged for money. You will get cash in exchange for a wide range of jewellery types. You can get cash either from selling your items, or request for a loan against jewellery.

Hatton Garden is famous for its strategic location and its skilled pawnbrokers. This has made gain access to great investors worldwide. The Hatton Garden Guide offers you a few more tips on how to get a good deal for your items. 

Working with Pawnbrokers


How to Shop for Gifts like a Pro

Gift ideas for all purposes

Finding the perfect gift for any occasion isn't always easy, but many times a year we find ourselves in this situation. What do we buy? How much do we spend? Which kind of gift will work in this case?

People say that it's the thought that counts, but the truth is that the actual gift you choose and give will say a lot about yourself, your intentions and your feelings. So finding the perfect gift is really important.  Read More...

How to make the most of online shopping

Shopping Online

In this new world where everything is going digital, the normal shopping experience many are used to is also slowly adapting. Although not an entirely new concept, online shopping has been around since the late 90s and has continually grown into a major feature of today’s lie.

That being said, how is online shopping technology any different to what we are normally used to? Does it have any major advantages worth mentioning? Is it as convenient as the market claims it is? In this piece we are going to take a look at some aspects regarding online shopping, what it’s all about and how it has impacted the way we shop.

The process is generally a simple one. You need these things in order to purchase goods online or carry out online shopping: Read More...

Your Guide to Gifting Jewellery

How to choose a jewell gift without panicking

Giving presents to people we care about can be very fun and very rewarding if we make the right choice and make them happy with it, but it can also be very stressing. So many different options to choose from, such a wide variety of products, prices and materials, and such availability of basically anything you could think of, makes it more difficult to narrow down our search and eventually make our pick. 

Jewellery is often a safe place to go, especially when gifting women, because these are items of value that people eventually have the opportunity to use. They can be flattering and make people look and feel good, so they can be very appreciated. Jewellery is often a good choice for a gift, but it doesn't mean it is easy to pick a jewell for someone, even if we know them well enough. The variety of options is so wide that we can get lost. So here is a guide on gifting jewellery. We will briefly discuss the essentials of purchasing jewellery and what you should bear in mind when choosing the perfect piece to give as a present.  Read More...