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Zak Smith

I always use Atlam Silver when I want something unique and custom made. They create such lovely pieces that are all personal and great gifts for my loved ones. The services are speedy and efficient and the prices are great too!

Lydia Abbott

I really wanted a gift for my mother for her 50th birthday. I wanted it to be something special and a bit different as 50 is of course a very special birthday celebration! Atlam Silver made me a beautiful necklace that my mother loved!

Lea Pearson

Atlam Silver are a really great company that made me my stunning bridesmaids gifts. I wanted them to have matching bracelets that were all individual to them. They loved the gifts and I love seeing their faces as they opened them!

The Hatton Garden Guide for Dealing with Pawn Brokers

Hatton Garden is in the diamond area of London. Here, you can get your jewellery exchanged for money. You will get cash in exchange for a wide range of jewellery types. You can get cash either from selling your items, or request for a loan against jewellery.

Hatton Garden is famous for its strategic location and its skilled pawnbrokers. This has made gain access to great investors worldwide. The Hatton Garden Guide offers you a few more tips on how to get a good deal for your items. 

Working with Pawnbrokers

When bargaining prices at a pawnshop, you need to have some knowledge and skills, or else you will get a raw deal. You visited the pawnshop to get good cash, not just to give up your items for whatever price that is thrown at you.

You need to have some negotiation tips to land you a fair deal. Remember, the pawn broker is not ready to buy your item at the same price as the actual value of the item. Pawn brokers do not keep the items; they resell them.

Make sure you can prove the worth of your jewellery. You can consult an expert jeweler to determine its value and record it for you so that you can show it to the pawn broker. If it is possible, put the jewellery in its original pack; it puts you in a better position to prove its worth.

It is not enough to just prove that you paid a lot of money to purchase an item. Its appearance also matters. Make sure you polish it and make it look as beautiful and clean as possible; no one wants an unappealing piece of jewellery, no matter how its value.

How Pawn Brokers Determine the Price of Items

Pawn brokers will give you different prices, depending on the condition at which your item is at that moment. If the item has been well maintained and is complete, you should expect a good price.

Condition of the Item

Your items may be priced at a lower price than you were probably hoping for due to minor factors. For instance, if it is in good condition but is missing a small piece, the price is bound to be slightly lower than you would expect. Incomplete goods cannot be valued as they would be if they were intact.

Accompanying Accessories

You are likely to get a better price if you bring along some accessories for your items. Do not ignore some parts of the item just because you think it is useless. You may never know how much significance it may have.


Before you take your item to a pawn broker, make sure it is functioning properly. If there is a part that is faulty, the price of your item will definitely be low; if you are lucky to sell it at all. 

How to Negotiate With Pawn Brokers

Bargaining with a pawn broker can be challenging. However, it is important that you do if you want a satisfactory deal. You need some negotiation tactics to get you a good price.

It is the broker who should begin the negotiation. Pawn brokers are the ones who make offers, after which you can begin to bargain.

Be Reasonable

Remember, just as you are hoping to get more money from the sale of your items, pawn brokers also aim at getting some profit from your item. With this in mind, you need to make sure your negotiation is not exaggerated. Too much negotiation may leave you with no deal. Be reasonable, do not ask for more than you can get.

Be Knowledgeable

A good negotiation involves having knowledge of the actual value of the items involved. This is especially useful when you want loans against jewellery. With an idea of the item’s value, you are sure not to give too much or receive too little for the item. Find out as much as you can with regard to the value of an item, and use the information as your basis for negotiation. If you do not have an idea of how much the item is worth, there is a chance you will sell it at as low as half its original price. 

The truth is, even if your item’s market value is established, a pawn broker will not purchase the item at its market price. If that were the case, pawn brokers would not have much to earn in profit. You have to remember this in order to manage your expectations.

Be Nice

Negotiations can get sour if you are not careful with your words. Make sure you do not sound aggressive or rude. Do not work up your pawn broker; it will do you no good. Be patient and reasonable. You are trying to find a common ground with the broker, so do not make demands. Negotiation is not fighting. 

It is important that you keep in mind that you do not have to agree to an unfair deal. You can always walk away. Being reasonable does not mean you should sacrifice yourself. Search for another broker if you feel like your current pawn broker is not fair.