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Zak Smith

I always use Atlam Silver when I want something unique and custom made. They create such lovely pieces that are all personal and great gifts for my loved ones. The services are speedy and efficient and the prices are great too!

Lydia Abbott

I really wanted a gift for my mother for her 50th birthday. I wanted it to be something special and a bit different as 50 is of course a very special birthday celebration! Atlam Silver made me a beautiful necklace that my mother loved!

Lea Pearson

Atlam Silver are a really great company that made me my stunning bridesmaids gifts. I wanted them to have matching bracelets that were all individual to them. They loved the gifts and I love seeing their faces as they opened them!

Hatton Gardens | Your One Stop Jewellery Retail Shop

What Makes Hatton Gardens Special

Shopping for jewellery items can prove to be a very tiring experience for people. Everyone wants to find the best pieces of jewellery for themselves and their loved ones but it isn’t that easy to find them.

Whether you are looking to buy jewellery as a gift item or for weddings or engagements, finding what you want would require you to make endless trips to the jewellery stores. You can avoid all these hassles involved in jewellery shopping by visiting Hatton Garden online jewellery store. It is the perfect place for you to find high quality jewellery items for all occasions at very reasonable price.

The thing that makes Hatton Gardens the best place to buy jewellery is the convenience that it offers you. It has a wide collection of rings, vintage pieces and engagement/wedding bands available all in a single place. So, you will not have to go from shop to shop to look for the perfect piece of jewellery as you will easily locate it at Hatton Gardens.

Moreover, Hatton Gardens is an online jewellery store which means that you do not have to even travel to the store to purchase your jewellery items. You can sit back and relax in the comfort of your home and do all your jewellery shopping from your PC or laptop. Having chosen your jewellery items, you can also have them delivered to your preferred address.  

Services Offered By Hatton Gardens

Apart from having a wide range of jewellery items, Hatton Gardens also offers its customers a number of services which help them in making the right choice when it comes to buying jewellery. The following are some of the services that you can avail at Hatton Gardens.


 Jewellery Valuation

 Jewellery Insurance

Hatton Gardens employs the most experienced jewellers who have a vast knowledge of gemstones and jewellery items. These jewellers can estimate the valuation of a jewellery piece very precisely and also provide jewellery valuation tips to you as well. When you bring your jewellery items to Hatton Gardens for valuation purposes, you will be given a detailed description of your piece of jewellery along with its accurate valuation. Photographs and certification will also be provided which will accompany verbal and written assessments of each jewellery item. You can rest assured that you will receive the best services for jewellery valuation at Hatton Gardens. At Hatton Gardens, you will find the best services for jewellery insurance as well. They know how valuable your jewellery items are for you and therefore provide you a wide cover for them on a worldwide basis. Hatton Gardens offers single item jewellery insurance too wherein single pieces of jewellery like engagement rings and wedding bands can be insured. So, if you want jewellery insurance for your precious jewellery pieces then there is no better place than Hatton Gardens.

 Jewellery Resizing/Cutting

 Jewellery Repair

Another of the services that Hatton Gardens proudly offers to its customers is that of jewellery resizing and cutting. If you have a piece of jewellery that you want resized or a precious metal that you want cut in a particular shape then you can bring it to Hatton Gardens. They have the most advanced equipment and tools available for resizing jewellery items and cutting valuable metals like gold or silver. Hatton Gardens employs the use of laser technology for cutting metals to make sure that each piece is cut in a precise manner as quickly as possible. Jewellery repair is also among the services offered by Hatton Gardens. If you have a piece of jewellery that is in need of repair then the technicians at Hatton Gardens can get it repaired for you in a very short period of time. They have a fully equipped workshop where technicians and designers work alongside each other to transform your old pieces of jewellery into new and modern versions. This is a very personalized service so you can tell the technicians whether you want your old jewellery item to be completely remodelled or just restored to its original state.

Aside from these services, Hatton Gardens also provides you a wealth of knowledge about jewellery items and gemstones through its blog. You can find tips for buying diamond online from their blog and also learn a great deal about different types of jewellery. There is a guide to fashion jewellery also available at their website which can help you in understanding the various fashion jewellery trends. In addition to this, there is plenty of information available about each individual piece of jewellery on sale at the store as well.